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- Molly


The Operation San Trobida is killing me right now.
I can’t believe it’s over :’(

It’s a shame it had to go this way.

But it’s something we’ll carry with us for the rest of our lives, and I think that’s beautiful….. At least it didn’t get cancelled halfway through a volume, and the team got to give us a proper ending! …I’ll miss the biweekly episodes tho..


- Jade

Operation San Trobida

I’ve been playing Cause of Death for over two years now, but it never once occurred to me that I would have to learn to live without it. Cause of Death has always been there, a constant, something I could look forward to each week. I discovered Cause of Death when I was just a little seventh grader scrolling through the app store at midnight. (I was horrified because I kept dying in V1C3 and quit playing.)

But for some reason, I didn’t delete the game. I came back to it about half a year later (after I grew a pair and got through Volume 1) and it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I immediately bought the volumes up to the NA episode (V5C1) and have been playing NA ever since.

The episodes made me feel everything all at once. Excited. Giggly. Nervous. Heartbroken. Furious. But even through the ups and the downs, it always left me wanting more. And I still feel that now - I didn’t think Cause of Death would ever end. I thought it would always be a part of my life.

But now I realize that it is and always will be. I’ll carry the lessons I learned and the characters I grew to love with me as I go into my Junior year of high school, and hopefully forever after. 

Cause of Death team, I am eternally grateful for everything you’ve done for us. I’m sorry it had to end so soon, but I’m glad it went as long as it did. You will not be forgotten.

Isabel // //

Back in March, 2011, I remembered I installed and deleted this game, Cause of Death, because I scared to find out who the Maskmaker was. But it was also the day I reinstalled it because I really wanted to know who the Maskmaker was, and I started to love each and every character. Three years and a bit later, I still play this amazing game.

In the last three years, Cause of Death has taught me how to use descriptive language in my writing pieces for school. You also helped me make up some of the most weirdest questions for ‘Would you Rather’ games with my friends. At the same time, Cause of Death allowed me to meet and become friends with many people around the world. The people who I have become friends with are some of the most amazing people I’ve ever met, and I do thank you for producing a game that allowed many people to connect through a game. 

To every member of the Cause of Death Team, thank you so much for everything you have done for the last three and a half years. You will be missed, but never, ever forgotten.

When the Deathicated blog revealed the details to this project, they asked us, in some form or another, to answer the following question: What has Cause of Death meant to you?

What has Cause of Death meant to me? Well…

Cause of Death meant that I always had something to look forward to each week (and then later, every two weeks). I could take 30 minutes to escape whatever was happening in my life and immerse myself in the world of the game.

Cause of Death meant a game with an intricate plotline, beautiful characters, a diverse cast, and some of the best dialogue I’ve ever seen. It meant including people of colour and queer representation, and having these characters be treated like actual people—not just as tropes for “diversity brownie points”.

Cause of Death meant enjoying a piece of media without the fear of some character making a really offensive “joke” and everyone laughing like it was okay.

Cause of Death meant seeing characters that were deep and well-developed and different, characters that were complicated and flawed, characters that you could never really bring yourself to hate, despite how horrible they may have been… because they were executed so well.

Cause of Death meant that there was a team of talented, creative, hardworking, and patient people trying their best to make content that they’re proud of and content that we enjoy, despite their limited budget and all those server issues. These creators (hey, you guys!) are hilarious, and dramatic, and without a doubt, geniuses in their field.

Cause of Death meant getting to know a community with common interests. Everybody’s been so friendly and sweet to me, and I’ve interacted with more people on effyeahcauseofdeath than I have on my personal blog. I got to know some wonderful, kind, and supportive people through the Deathicated fandom, and have become close friends with a lot of them. These are people that I now truly love and care about, and I met them because of this game.

And truth be told, I’ve been putting off talking about this for a very long time because I knew that there was no way my words would do the game justice. That there was no way I could convey to the creators of this game just how much better it’s made my life.

This game has meant so much to me and many other fans around the world. Thank you. So much. This experience has been absolutely brilliant. So y’all stay cool, stay hydrated, and the best of luck to whatever project you may be working on next.

Again, thank you so much, Lisa, Molly, Kimberly, and whoever else that may be here. You guys rock my socks :D

- Shirley ♥