Anonymous asked:
Oh ohhhh never mind, I didn't see that said part 2! I didn't scroll down far enough in the tag yet to see part 1.. thank you so much AHH ITS AO ADORABLE!! If there was anything else leading up to it, can you post that too? Thank you, your blogs are amazingggg :)

Thank you, It really is adorable isn’t it! Mal’s reaction is so cutie!


Well there was the whole epilogue, but basically Mal notices Natara hasn’t had a beer yet, offers her one, she says she can’t have any and he asks her why not then the screenshots happen! :3

Anonymous asked:
Can you post screenshots of when Natara says she's pregnant?

Not on this blog, we prefer to maintain order so it’s easier for people to find what they’re looking for, but I’ll post them on my personal blog and tag them in the CoD tags for you now :)