Cause of Death: 30 day Challenge

Choose! Blaise or Jeremy?

Jeremy is my homie man. Like bruh we could chill and watch some basketball. Or read fantasy books and talk about them, get a little nerdie. Or we could grab some food, idk.

It’s aaaaall good! Plus he is so damn fine lol. I am still not over that time he first appeared without his hat. And then that sniper outfit… Don’t even get me started on that. Jeremy got a special place in my heart. And I think his name is cool.

Sit down and listen up, Deathicated! I’m about to teach you about Kuchisake Onna!


As I’ve probably mentioned before, I’m super stoked about this volume being set in Japan. Sergeant Fukui mentioned onryo (vengeful spirits) to the SCT and the woman who murdered Hanako reminded me of an urban legend known as Kuchisake Onna, or the Slit Mouthed Woman. (Very savvy, CoD team. Showing your work.)

The legend tells of a beautiful woman who was also very vain. Her jealous husband, convinced that she was cheating on him, cut her mouth from ear to ear screaming, “Who will think you’re beautiful now?” This turned the woman into a vengeful spirit who now roams the streets of Japan wearing a surgical mask to cover her scars. (Not a strange sight in Japan; sick people often wear masks to prevent the spread of germs.)

If you come across Kuchisake Onna, she will stop you and ask if you think she’s beautiful. Most people will tell her yes because she was quite beautiful. (If you tell her no, she’ll kill you with the large pair of scissors she carries.) She will then pull down her mask and ask, “Am I still beautiful?” Saying yes will cause her to slit your mouth from ear to ear and make you look like her. Saying no will cause her to kill you. Don’t think about running from her either, because she’ll just reappear in front of you. And then kill you for trying to run.

So not exactly the same MO, but the killer is similar, don’t you think? Either way, the supernatural element of this season’s killer is really interesting and I can’t wait to see where they go with it.

Cause of Death: 30 day Challenge

Choose! Mal or Natara?

If we were to chill, I think I’d have more fun with Mal cuz of his type of humour. Nevertheless, Natara is freakin’ bad ass and it would be awesome to pick her brain on several matters. Plus I imagine she’s fun to be around too. But yeah I’d have to choose Mal lol. I think he’d make me laugh so hard it would count as an abs workout.

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