Anonymous asked:
In which volume Mal started to have a crush on Natara and which volume did Natara (without realizing it) started to have a crush on Mal?

Um…well to be quite honest it’s very hard to pinpoint the EXACT Volume, but I will say:

  • After Mal loses Tasha in Volume 3, he arrives at Natara’s apartment and confesses that he could never stand to lose her, I think that’s the moment he realises he’s got a major crush on her. 
  • Then I think Natara  realises Mal has feelings for her in Volume 6, when he saves her life by shooting the Mayor. 
  • But…as for when she starts liking him back, I’m not sure, she’s very subtle that it’s hard to pinpoint exactly. I assume in Volume 9 when she becomes jealous over Blaise’s presence and see’s Mal with her when they’re back from Vegas, cause then she goes and accepts Oscar’s proposal straight away. Volume 10 for sure though, that’s when they’re both less subtle with their emotions towards one another. 

But throughout it all there’s cute Maltara moments, even way back in the early Volumes so it’s hard to tell! 

Anonymous asked:
Is it pronounced mal a kai or mal a key?

Mal-a-Kai! :) 

betcha Kai got a kick outta that one




Then it’ll all be gone from the app store forever…

OH MY GOD I NEED AN ITUNES CARD. *convulses on floor*

retrojay26 said: No it’s not

I’m pretty sure it is… I checked myself though just to be sure, in the episode Just Another Day in Love and Bullets it’s Mal’s birthday (June 9th) and Natara throws him a surprise bday party

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