Hey all, sorry for the inactivity I was camping and have just been really busy sorting my future out so yeah…bussyyy!

But I’ll try to start queuing Volume 15 for you all asap, thanks for your patience :) 


Anonymous asked:
Where is the episode where Natara throws a birthday party for Mal?

It’s in the Love and Bullets short story collection and the episode is called ‘Just Another Day’


Anonymous asked:
Can you just imagine Natara doing a 'My Boyfriend Does My Makeup' video with Mal.. how cute would that be!?!?! :D :D

Hahaha that would be pretty cuteee! Maltara cuteness



Introducing... the CAUSE OF DEATH BLOG MASTERPOST! If you're new to the Tumblr community or just want to find more blogs to follow, this list is for you! All the blogs listed are Cause of Death (by EA Games) centric. Welcome to the DEATHICATED FANDOM, and happy blogging!

The Official Cause of Death Tumblr, run by the CoD Team:

The most consistently active CoD blogs:

Cool themed and non-themed CoD blogs:

The CoD Tumblr Roleplay:

If I've missed any CoD blog that should be on the list, message me the url and I'll add it in!

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